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The Reformer uses spring tension (rather than weights) to provide either resistance or assistance to an exercise depending on the needs of the client. The machine supports the body and gives direct feedback allowing the user to achieve a wide range of functional movements and target isolated muscle groups.

All Group Classes including Yoga can be booked via the Timetable page on our website. Select BOOK CLASS for any class and you will be asked to create an account with Studio Bookings. You can then purchase credits and concession passes online using your Beach Pilates account.

After creating your account, please ensure you read the Welcome Email and check your junk folder if you cannot find it in your inbox.

Yoga: All Yoga classes are open level. If you have any injuries or concerns please let the instructor know at the start of class.

Reformer Pilates: If you are new to Reformer Pilates, returning to exercise or have any injuries then we suggest starting with the Intro to Reformer Class. If you have any injuries or concerns you are welcome to send us a message on the contact form so we can discuss your requirements before you arrive.

If you have a reasonable level of fitness and no major injuries or concerns then a Reformer 1 class will be a suitable starting point. We only run small group classes (6 people) so you will receive tailored queuing and feedback to get the most from your session.

Reformer Circuit: A moderate level of fitness is required for this class. This is not a class for those who are new or returning to exercise.

Learn more about our classes here.

We do not require you to do a private class before joining our group classes. However if you are concerned about joining a group class then an initial private session is a great way of getting acquainted with Reformer and learning a bit more about what to expect in a group class.

Private Individual training is available if you have rehabilitation needs or specific performance goals and you would prefer to work in a one:one scenario.

When you come in for your first class you will be asked to fill out our Welcome form. Please ensure to tell the trainer everything they need to know about your body including past injuries or concerns so that they can ensure you are safe and offered appropriate modifications where necessary. We wear bare feet or socks on the Reformer and comfortable active wear is recommended. Any loose fitting clothing could get caught on the machine so please avoid wide pants or baggy tops.

You can download the Studio Bookings app from the App Store or Google Play. Learn more about the app here.

Reformer Pilates is a supportive and low impact way to rehabilitate and regain strength after an injury. If you have an injury or concern please get in touch via our contact form below and we will let you know whether you would be okay to join our group classes or whether it would be best to start with a private class so we can focus on your individual needs.

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