About Us

Beach Pilates was born in the back room of Head Trainer Jonti’s house in February 2019. What started out as a few reformer machines and zero personal space, has now grown into a small but passionate team of trainers, a beautiful beachside studio, and an incredible following of loyal reformer lovers! We are so proud to call Waihi Beach our home.

Meet our team

Jonti – Reformer Trainer, Studio Founder

I started Beach Pilates with the main goal of helping people and sharing the reformer with the Waihi Beach community. Up until finding pilates (in particular the reformer) I had struggled with ongoing hip pain that really impacted my life in my early 20’s. I became obsessed! The reformer was not only an incredible tool to help me regain strength and mobility – it was fun! I love teaching pilates because I really enjoy sharing the magic of exercise and watching clients who may be new or returning to exercise flourish in the challenging but supportive environment we have created at Beach Pilates. In my spare time you will most likely still find me at the studio or on the beach walking my two dogs. In my classes I like to break the rules a little bit and challenge people’s perception of what pilates really is. I am STOTT trained in Matwork and Reformer Pilates and have also completed my in-studio training with Reform Fitness. I am currently completing my Diploma of Clinical Pilates with Breathe Education.

Beau – Reformer Trainer

I trained to teach Reformer Pilates with Reform Fitness in September 2019 and since then have made it my side hustle while also completing my BCOM and working full time doing (about a trillion) other roles. In my spare time you will find me in Waihi Beach adventuring with my dog Goose and spending time on the water wakeboarding. I was drawn to Reformer Pilates after going through my own shoulder rehab journey and my huge passion for helping people. I find purpose in assisting people with their fitness goals/recovery . My fave Reformer exercise is hard to pick! I love a good standing inner thigh combo or a pike with mountain climber + a leg extension is a good burn for the core.


In my spare time I enjoy spending time at the lake waterskiing and camping, I am an early childhood teacher and teach Reformer Pilates in my spare time.
I wanted to teach Reformer Pilates because I wanted to give others the experience I had been given. After suffering years of back pain from a waterskiing accident, Pilates was the only form of exercise where I didn’t feel any heavy impact on my back while still moving and strengthening my entire body.My favourite exercise is anything the gets the legs and glutes burning; light lunges or a heavy side lying leg press. I trained with Lane & Jane at Reform Fitness in July 2021.


I am a full time mama to Bonnie and teach yoga on the side. In my spare time I like to move the bod whether it’s a trek up a hill, surfing, Pilates, yoga. Also love any kind of date with the whanau/friends. I love/wanted to teach yoga because yoga has taught me so much as a person, it has got me through some tough times and it has grown me immensely. I knew I wanted to share this wonderful journey with others with hope that they can experience this incredible journey too. My favourite exercise is cat/cow I love how it lengthens the spine and opens the heart and back body, it is also a beautiful movement to be able to connect in with the breath. have done multiple trainings with Blissology, I am pre/post natal trained with Blissbaby and trained in flowstate through Yokeyoga in Melbourne. I am also currently training in mat Pilates with Barre Body.

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