About Us

Beach Pilates’ Head Trainer, Jonti opened the studio in February 2019 with four reformers in the backroom of her home. The studio has since evolved to eight reformers in a bespoke, commercial space. In March 2023, the studio expanded to include new directors, Lesley, Craig and Gayle, all long-term clients of the studio.

From left to right, Beau, Jonti, Craig and Lesley

Our team

Beau started her journey at Beach Pilates as an instructor in November 2019 and in March 2023 she stepped into the role of Studio Manager. Outside of the studio, Beau works full-time as a Project Manager or enjoys time on the beach with her two dogs, Goose and Donny (Donald Duck).

Jonti loves sharing the magic of exercise and watching clients who may be new or returning to exercise flourish in the challenging but supportive environment the team have created at Beach Pilates. Jonti is equipped with a wealth of knowledge and experience, including Diploma of Clinical Pilates with Breathe Education.

Craig has been an avid Pilates client for several years and alongside Lesley and Michele, stepped into the Director Role in early 2023. Alongside attending classes, Craig is training to be an instructor at the studio. He also spends time with his wife, Sue and volunteers at the local tennis club.

Lesley, similar to Craig, fell in love with pilates as a form of exercise. After being a running enthusiast most of her life she started to experience back pain and found pilates as the perfect balance of exercise. Lesley has spent her career (of over 36 years) as a flight attendant for Air New Zealand and continues to work for the airline. When she’s home in Waihi Beach, she’s at the studio teaching classes or attending classes herself.

The Beach Pilates team are all certified Reformer Pilates Instructors and equipped to support clients through goals including improved core strength, flexibility, strength and tone, posture and alignment, and injury rehabilitation and prevention.

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